Customer feedback

Now the new issue of the "storyboard" magazine has arrived in Austria! A real pleasure to leaf through and read with interest! The delay of the completion was worthwhile, because the new issue is peppered with news, which were explained in detail! Congratulations to Mr. Huebmer for this excellent edition of the Club Magazine!

Silwester, Club member

The new issue of the storyboard magazine was in my mailbox yesterday. Great as always, good posts! - Enrich HD as if it were 4k an interesting thing that gives food for thought.
The new section "Questions and Answers" is a good idea. For me, the answer was known, but if it continues it can also be things where you can learn something. In addition to one also has a reference book. Keep it up !!!!

Request for the next edition: A Workshop on Akaba HD or Candy Factory with all that can be done.

Wolfgang W., Club member

The workshop "Water reflection" and "Advent, Advent, the Christmas tree burns" bring new ideas for the combination of applications. The detailed and informative article on "Ultra HD - 4k" - is revealing and very, very interesting. Succeeded! This way the 'storyboard' magazine makes fun and I like to be a MacroSystem club member.

Rudolf, Club member