International Editor

We create articles, software reviews & tests - up to complete magazines.


Creating the 'storyboard' magazine for the former MacroSystem Digital Video AG lead to the idea of creating a workshop and tips+tricks book for the Bogart video editing software in German and English language, currently still "under construction". 

While gathering themes for this, we have continued the customer magazine production for the MacroMotion GmbH.

Apart from this, we also create articles as a freelance Author for the German VideoAktiv magazine

Additionally we create step-by-step tutorials within the 'S.H.I.E.L.D. Agency tips and tricks' area of the MacroSystem support forum. This section is only accessible with an active service package.

Our latest publishing projects

  • ‘storyboard’ magazines

    We are creating three 'storyboard' customer magazines per year for the MacroMotion GmbH in Schacht-Audorf/Germany: Getting the inspirations for the themes. Creating the content for…

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  • VideoAktiv Magazine articles

    On behalf of the German VideoAktiv editorial department, magazine articles are created around the field of video post processing and video effects. Usually with the…

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