Join our volunteer Beta Tester community

What is beta testing?

As a beta tester, you gain exclusive access to new software products by participating in the following activities:

  • Making a confidentiality agreement to access and test software that is not yet publicly available
  • Create a tester profile within the support forum, that contains information about the PC on which you run the tests
  • Installation of the software to be tested, as soon as available and possible
  • Use the software and provide feedback in the forum, such as:
    • What you like most
    • Error reports, including details how to reproduce an issue
    • Wish list: what could be enhanced, features you would like to see,...
    • Ask questions about how to use special features and share your thoughts with the beta tester community
    • Feel free to interact with the public part of the support forum, to get a different perspective on certain ways of working.
  • Quick and easy communication with the team of S.H.I.E.L.D. within the forum is guaranteed!


What you need?

The commitment to spend a reasonable amount of time using and testing new software.

There is no fixed time commitment, but you are likely to spend several hours editing your own videos, using the beta software extensively and giving us important feedback during the beta test period.

You will have to install many updates over a period of several weeks or even months and need to be willing to test them.

What you get?

Active beta testers will receive a free release software license after completing the beta cycle!

While testing new software and after its release, you will get priority support of the our specialists within the forum.

Once the software has been released, you will get every new beta version to continuously benefit from further improvements.
We like lasting collaborations. Some of our current testers are with us for >15 years.

If you'd like to be among the first to try new video editing software and add-on products, get an early look at what our clients developers are working on and what's next, feel free to join our forum.

We are looking forward to stay in touch there!

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