The Storyboard magazine 1.2017 is now available

The customer magazine 1.2017 for the MacroMotion GmbH has been completed. It is available online and going into print now.


  • MX Creator for Multiple "Exposures"
  • Analog Video -> USB Converter for Bogart Windows
  • 8 x Columbus implementations for Windows
  • Mobile power-editor: Casablanca-4 Travel Pro


  • The game with the fire - BlueBox World and MX-Creator in comparison and hot use
  • Clouds or fog with MX Creator

Practical knowledge

  • Is this movie a "horror"?

Tips and tricks

  • Edit a large amount of scenes in one go
  • After 20 years still a mystery: "locked" and "free" sound tracks
  • Read CDs without MediaManager on Casablanca-4 or Windows PC quite comfortably

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