The Storyboard magazine 1.2019 is now available

The customer magazine 1.2019 for the MacroMotion GmbH has been completed. It is available online and going into print now.


  • Graphics card power for Casablanca 4 models
  • Creative Video Editing DVD # 14
  • 3D World - only for Bogart Windows


  • Animate 3D World Globe with PiP Studio 3
  • Create your own films and convert them to DCP format
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises and secure the Bogart Windows serial number

Practical knowledge

  • A question of format: "Digital Cinema Package" for big cinema
  • Tips to make your first movie in the cinema look even better

Questions and answers

  • Replace a camera sound with a separate sound
  • Upload the film to the Internet for review?

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