The Storyboard magazine 2.2017 is now available

The customer magazine 2.2017 for the MacroMotion GmbH has been completed. It is available online and going into print now.


  • Windows PRO package with Bogart 9.4 - Enormous performance boost for Bogart Windows
  • Quick-Photo 2 for all systems
  • PhotoStudio Sales + Support discontinued
  • Creative Video Editing with Bogart: Workshop DVD 11
  • Animx circles
  • 5x Bogart add-on adoptions for Windows


  • Create PiP animations with Quick-Photo 2 and BlueBox World

Practical knowledge

  • Create interviews like the pros

Tips + Tricks

  • Create Titler templates & favorite fonts, as well as remove common stumbling blocks
  • USB headset for Bogart Windows - benefits and optimal setup
  • Moving projects from Casablanca-3 to -4 (Bogart Windows)
  • Hard drives "optimized for Windows 10" also made usable on the Casablanca-3

Questions and answers

  • Playback of 4k / UHD material

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