Service Hotline

Problems, questions or a way to solve special video effects? We are here to help!


For Austria, Germany, Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) we host a premium rate phone number for users who only occasionally need help. 

  • AT: 0900-399 330 (EUR 1,09/min)
    Monday-Friday 08:30 – 11:30h
  • CH: 0900-399 330 (CHF 1,50/min)
    Monday-Friday 08:30 – 11:30h
  • DE: 09001-960 112 (EUR 0,99/min)
    Monday-Friday 08:30 – 12:00h


For customers with a higher demand on service, we offer different flat fee packages, found in the Bogart-Shop. 

The gold package for example includes hotline support in English and German language via Skype, without any additional fees, access to workshop magazines (currently only in German language) and access to the support forum tips & tricks area where step-by-step tutorials can be written upon request. 


The platin package expands the need for support with remote access to Windows based systems, like the Casablanca-4 video editing systems.

We use a commercial TeamViewer license and have a support module that just needs to be downloaded and run. Grant the access (each time needed) for us so we can jump right onto your screen.
Searching for a problem and solving it has never been easier. 


Customers all around the world may use the MacroSystem Support Forum of  Michael Huebmer. This is a volunteer-led place to get free assistance. We support this by sponsoring the technical infrastructure to run the forum site. 

The MacroSystem support forum was built in 2011 at the former MacroSystem Digital Video AG Austria by Michael Huebmer, who also worked on a beta tester support forum for the German Loewe AG.

We can also help you with:


Data recovery for erroneously deleted or formatted media

A wrong click and within a fraction of a second the contents of a memory card or even an entire hard disk disappeared. Data deleted or formatted by a wrong operating system? As long as it is "nothing more", we have the utilities to recover data. The prerequisite for the most complete data recovery possible is that you do not write to the data medium yourself. Many "rescue programs" promise more than they hold. The less self-experiments, the higher the chance of recovering your precious data!

Some of our support projects

  • Social Media Management

    We monitor and moderate various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and forums. According to customer requirements: we create posts and videos, monitor…

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  • Video Editing Training

    With over 20 years of experience in the field of video editing, 3D animations and video special effects, we have specialized in the easy to…

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  • Software Development

    We are working closely with the development of the MacroMotion GmbH Germany and are consulted in terms of: Graphical User Interface (GUI) design Usability Engineering…

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