No matter how many internal tests a manufacturer may run - and how great the Beta-Test team is finding bugs and makes suggestions on a better workflow... neither of them will catch all software problems.

Therefore, a second line of defense against still hidden software issues has been installed years ago: ~100 Pre-Release testers are not continuously updating their systems like the Beta-Tester do. Those users jump right from the currently official stable release version to a planned release candidate.

If everything works as planned, those short Pre-Release tests with about 100 volunteers taking part, is leading directly to an official release. But sometimes, the different hardware or another user workflow will indicate errors that need to be fixed before the official release.

We supply the test software, respond to testers feedback and are in close contact with the software manufacturers to get reproducible bugs fixed.

Thanks to the Beta- and Pre-Release Tester teams, high quality software (as stable as complex software can be) can be published.