DVD/BD/UHD-Disc Authoring

Store digitized SD movies on DVD or feed a 4k Blu-ray player with self-filmed UHD material?
With an animated menu? OK - challenge accepted. So let's consider the basics to know.

The first step to consider when burning an optical media, is the knowledge, that no optical media will hold forever. Any DVD, Blu-ray or UHD-Disc is a cheap media to distribute films in quite common standards. Most, but not all players will play self created content, burned to DVD or BD media.

It is possible to burn any kind of movie export, pictures and audio files as a data media - for playback in any computer system with some kind of media player software. And many stand alone Video-DVD, Blu-ray or 4k Blu-ray player will also be able to playback those files.

The big disadvantages when burning a data CD/DVD/BD:

  • there is no nice menu to show what's on the data-disc
  • no stand alone player will be able to play back all video files or audio/video codec combinations
  • it is even unknown, if the next computer software or stand alone player can still play back the files like a currently used model
  • many PC video file formats do not support chapters, or even if the file does, most players ignore chapters in video files
  • using a stand alone player, the manufacturer software will decide how to order the files on the media (newest first/last, alphabetic, grouped file types)

An easy to use DVD/BD/UHD Disc authoring software is the solution

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Got a new SmartPhone, ActionCam, Drohne or Camcorder? Most of those new gimmicks are recording in 4k (UHD 3840x2160p) and have sensational 8.294.400 pixels.

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