Video Capture

There are many external video grabbers that directly digitize analog input to some PC video format. The problem with some of those converters is, that you end up with a video file containing all footage from the tape between the start/stop button click.

Would sound good and easy to use on the first thought... But you will likely never click the recording 'start' and 'stop' button on exactly the right 1/60 or 1/50 of a second.

And you will find old tapes with either

  • hundreds of single scenes... waiting to be selected, split and trimmed to become a movie, or
  • some compilation of multiple short films, that need to be split, maybe have a title added and saved as single video files.

So there is no way to bypass some - even simple - video editing. If you convert with a cheap analog-USB converter you get an already encoded video file that needs to be decoded by a video editing software to get more out of the old tapes... like simple color correction, saturation and/or contrast improvement... and re-coded for the final export again.

A better way is to get a simple but powerful video editing software and a compatible USB-Analog converter, that digitizes directly into the editing software, keeping the highest quality as long as possible. Just one final encoding after the video has been made better, or a nice movie has been made from separate scenes.

The simply solution are found on Amazon:

For an improved workflow, we recommend this great combination:

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+ compatible hardware

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