Video Editing

Nothing worse than showing hundreds of uncut scenes or photos to the family or friends after a nice vacation or an event.

Why should anyone want to scare off his audience with boring, unwanted scenes - that are much to long, because the important part has not been edited? They will run away, the next time a word about your video memories comes up.

Many people seem to be scared when confronted with the truth: It takes at least a little time to:

  • delete unwanted scenes,
  • split too long scenes into different short parts,
  • trim the begin/end of scenes to get rid of shaking when pressing record/stop and
  • add the scenes in line to get a straight storyline

Searching the web, there are many software packages found to do that.

  • professional products, sold for a big amount of money for commercial cinema and television usage,
  • spin-offs of big professional products, given away for free - mostly in beta software state - to get tester feedback and recruit future customers,
  • some 'affordable' commercial products, which try the balancing act between simple operation and many functions,
  • free software with limited support, also very often given away in beta state to get feedback for later commercial versions

As an independent Agency, we always try new software packages and test the user friendliness of video editing products. Our overall conclusion:

There is not a single software for all kind of user skills and needs.

No big surprise after all. If there would be an ultimate tool for all, there wouldn't be any others left. Like there is not 'the one and only' car brand or car model. And to stay with the cars... would you take a self driving car in beta state, to find software bugs for the manufacturer, even if it were for free?

The professional software is far too expensive to cut a hand full of private movies at home, or projects within a small business. Some titles may be found as a cracked version. But usually, those are on very-very suspicious sites. Cracked software is the number #1 way to get your system infiltrated by backdoor malware. Stolen passwords, stolen credit card information or a completely locked up and encrypted PC can be a horrible price to pay.

The free software or the free spin-off versions of big commercial programs can be a nice solution. It just depends on how often this software is used. Unfortunately most of them are extremely hard to handle. And even if there are hundreds of free tutorials on YouTube or other sites... if you want to edit a few movies a year, searching for a tutorial each time some features are needed, will make live and editing harder than needed. If you learn fast and have no budget, take a look at BlackMagic's DaVinci Resolve (and the instrumentation on that website).

If the editing is not easy to handle, it will not be done!

So it's better to use an affordable, small video editing package, that has the really important functions and those 'learned" within 5 minutes. There is also no need for hundreds or thousands of transition effects. Unless you wan't to make a FX promotion video for that manufacturer. The best way to edit a movie is to use no transitions at all. Every video effect should be considered a necessary evil. The less, the better!

That's why we recommend and support the MacroMotion BogartSE video editing software, for a quick and easy editing at home or for event Filmers.

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